Disrupting Cyber-Attacks

Active detection of anomalies and malicious activities, uncover risk and technical vulnerabilities, disrupting cyber-attacks

Detect / Discover / Disrupt

Time is an essence in every cyber security incidents. InSERT First-Responder can be deployed within hours onsite or remote, to rapidly contain, mitigate, and recover from situations, allowing business to resume faster


Responding to cyber attacks to contain the situation, minimize impact, notifying concerned parties on the incidents 


Thorough investigation to understand the chain of events, identify root cause of incidents, and reporting to concerned parties 


Action steps to prevent re-occurrences, record mitigation steps and review for it's effectiveness


Quick Response to Recovery

A successful attacks affects brand reputation, corporate image and staff moral. Our refined process and incident handling helps reduce stress, speed up recovery, and build confidence with staff members, partners and customers

Brands We Work With

Common Incidents

List of incidents we commonly response to, many of these affecting Small and Medium businesses. 

10 Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks

If you want to learn more on incident response and how to recover from a cyber attacks, download our free eBook to learn 10 ways to prevent cyber attacks now