GravityZone Platform

GravityZone Security Platform incorporates the key security functions required to enhance cyber-resilience: Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Threat Prevention, Advanced Attacks Detection, and Security Incident Response.

Unified Endpoint Security and Analytics

GravityZone relies on a single console/single-agent architecture with both cloud (Software as a Service) and on-premises deployment options.

Product Bonuses

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Hardening and Risk Analytics

- Analyze Risks: understand the cybersecurity risks associated with endpoint configuration and user actions. 

- Visualize Security Posture: get insights into identified risks and the prioritized list of items that expose the organization. 

- Apply Hardening: reduce the attack surface and the associated risk exposure.


- Effective Protection: over 99% of all threats are stopped by prevention technologies.

- Attack Visualization: full visibility and insights into the blocked attacks kill chain

- Reduced complexity - through fully automatic and highly accurate technologies.

eXtended Detection and Response

- Extended Detection: enhanced threat detection and visibility that enables the strengths of XDR for protecting endpoints.

- Focused investigation: threat visualizations at the organizational level for focused investigations and faster root cause analysis.

- Effective Response: automatic and guided incident response for fast containment of the attack.

Identifying and mitigating cyber-risks

Managing cyber-risks is fundamental for cyber resilience. Through the Risk Assessment and Hardening function, GravityZone provides organizations with the tools to understand and manage their security posture.

Stop sophisticated threats with the world’s most effective prevention technologies.

Advanced prevention capabilities are essential for stopping cyber threats from affecting the IT infrastructure. GravityZone automatically stops 99% of attacks with the #1 ranked prevention technology stack.

Detection of sophisticated attacks

Contributes to cyber resilience with extended threat detection capabilities, focused investigation of malicious activities, and enabling fast incident response.

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